Now for some exciting developments...
(AKA, that wasn't a long break after all)

A couple months back I sold my last Keepin' it Riel t-shirt off this website and announced that I would be taking an undetermined break after 13 years of making and selling these shirts out of my basement. A few weeks ago I received a call from an old friend who recently started a new Winnipeg based garment company, Way Back Winnipeg. He explained that his business partner came here to purchase a shirt and was disappointed that they were now unavailable. Well... fast forward through several conversations and brunch meetings and here we are...

KeepinitRiel.ca is happy to announce it's new partnership with Way Back Winnipeg as the exclusive online distributor of the original Keepin' it Riel t-shirt! Way Back Winnipeg produces items that celebrate the unique heritage of this great city one design at a time. With stories from the past that inspire the threads. Visit waybackwinnipeg.com and place your order today.

Keepin' it Riel Tees Still available in select retail stores!

When in stock, The original Keepin' it Riel T-shirt can be found at these authorized retailers;

Manitoba Museum (Gift Shop)
190 Rupert Ave. (204)988-0615

La Musée de St. Boniface (Gift Shop)
494 Taché Avenue. (204)237-4500

Lower Fort Garry (Gift Shop)
5925 Hwy 9, St. Andrews. (204)785-8577

Thanks to La Musée de St. Boniface, Manitoba Museum and Lower Fort Garry for Keepin' it Riel all these years. If you are looking for a fun an educational family outing, nothing beats the history of Manitoba and Métis culture on display at these fine historic locals.